Is Tadalafil addictive?

Can Cialis cause dependence?

There are many cause of the Erectile Dysfunction, including high blood pressure and diabetes and other medical conditions and psychological issues. If a pacients erectile dysfunction if due to a certain medical condition it is important to know that Tadalafil will not treat its condition that is the cause of Erectile Dysfunction, in this case the patient will need to use Tadalafil every time when needed. Tadalafil itself is not an addictive drug even if it is administered on a daily basis. You won’t develop tolerance; however Tadalafil is not intended to treat Erectile Dysfunction so it is possible to administrate the medication as needed.

Needing to take Tadalafil on a daily basis is not same thing as being addictive. Some people may experience psychological block which prevents from functioning sexually and patients may develop an emotional dependence to the drug which is not a true addiction. Tadalafil will not cause withdrawal symptoms when you stop administering it and will not cause any long-term changes in sexual function. There is no evidence of psychological dependence on Tadalafil, in fact it is more often administered in recreational purpose with users that don’t even have medical condition of Erectile Dysfunction. The medication itself will not cause any addiction; the sexual pleasure is the addiction to the most patients that leads to increasing dose and frequency of use. On a different level some patients that abused Tadalafil found it necessarily to use the medication because of the anxiety of losing an erection during sexual act and administer it when is not needed. As started these men find it difficult to perform while not on Tadalafil after becoming used to its effect. There is no need to worry about gaining an addiction to Tadalafil.

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