Does Tadalafil show up on a panel drug test?

Can you fail a drug test from taking Cialis?

A 4 panel drug test is used to find THC, Opiates, Cocaine and PCP, but can be used for Methadone, Benzodiazepines, Oxycodone and Ecstasy. Both examples have 4 substances and that makes it a 4 panel drug test.

A 7 panel drug test is often used in companies who are concerned about abusing prescription drugs to test the employees. Usually is used in companies where is required operating machinery or increased attention. A 7 panel drug test usually tests for drugs that even legal and in presence of a prescription may potentially give fatigue or may impair work capacity and operating machinery if abused. A 7 panel drug test usually is testing for: Opiates, cocaine, marijuana, amphetamines, PCP, benzodiazepines and barbiturates.

A 10 panel drug test is often used to test people on probation, the employees of law enforcement and medical environment or where the person is responsible for the safety of others. A 10 panel drug test typically looks for: cocaine, methadone, amphetamines, PCP, marijuana, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, propooxyphene and others.

A 12 panel drug test is used to test the potential controlled substances that can be dangerous to the workplace, and is used to test for painkillers containing controlled substances, traces of extended opiates, including: methadone, amphetamine, PCP, opiates, barbiturates, opiates, oxycodone/ Percocet, ecstasy and other.

None of this panel tests are looking for Tadalafil or it metabolites. Tadalafil can’t give false positive results for any addictive/illegal drug. But if the person is going to be tested for any medicine in the system, of course it will be detected. There is no need to worry because Tadalafil does not give addiction or euphoria or interfere with ability to work or operate machinery.

Does Tadalafil make you high?