Can I take tadalafil with alcohol

Tadalafil and Alcohol

Both Tadalafil and Alcohol are PDE5 inhibitors and act like moderate vasodilators. When taken simultaneously blood-pressure-lowering effects of each compound may increase. Substantial use of alcohol, more than 5 units in combination with Tadalafil can increase orthostatic potential and symptoms such as high heart rate, decrease in standing blood pressure. Ingested in moderate quantity 0.08, alcohol does not interact with Tadalafil 10mg and 20 mg. after 3 hours form simultaneous ingestion of Alcohol and Tadalafil a change in plasma concentration of Tadalafil was not found. Tadalafil does not modify alcohol concentration in plasma and Alcohol does dot modify Tadalafil concentration in plasma. When administered in high dose and respecting the factors that lead to rapid absorption: with no meals during night and 2 hours after alcohol, Tadalafil 20mg did not decrease blood pressure, although some of the patients felt static dizziness and orthostatic hypotension. When administered Tadalafil with lower doses of Alcohol, changes in blood pressure were not recorded and the dizziness was reported in same number of cases when only consuming Alcohol.

Doctors do not recommend using simultaneously Alcohol and Tadalafil, if extreme side effect are not recorded does not mean that they re not possible. If patient experience any other side effects emergency help should be performed.

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