Can I crush, snort or smoke Tadalafil?

Splitting or Crushing the CIALIS (tadalafil) Tablet or Dose

Tadalafil is a substance that dilates blood vessels, meaning it’ll wide blood vessels and increase blood flow. For a drug with per oral administration, Tadalafil absorbs rather fast and by snorting it or crushing and administered subllngual it will absorb much faster, this will increase it bioavailability.

If you would snort the medication it will cause the concentration in the nose to be about 1000 higher than if you would administer it per oral as recommended and this can cause a major nosebleed. Studies show that snorting is not a good way to speed the intranasal medication delivery due to high incidence of nosebleed, headache and nose pain. The dose is recommended to be ingested with a quantity of water, juice (except grapefruit juice, see Contraindication), soda or coffee without being crushed or divided.

Smoking Tadalafil is also NOT recommended. The only way that guaranties the effect of the medication is swallowing the whole pill.

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